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Aircraft Stress Analysis


Practical Stress Analysis


Design Engineers

Jean-Claude Flabel

The Book 
  •  Deluxe hardbound edition, 474 illustrations and drawings, 685 pages.
  •  Solutions based on “real” aircraft structure.
  •  A simplified, easy-to-understand reference book.
  •  Contains no complex mathematics or unwieldy derivations.
  •  Easy-to-follow example problem solutions.
  •  A comprehensive work developed from two decades of successful in-plant training classes presented to design and stress engineers at major U.S. aerospace companies.
  •  Systematic, hands-on approach to the solution of aircraft designs based on industry-proven methodologies.
  •  Price $98.00 (in U.S. Dollars).

How You Will Benefit 
  •  Achieve a level of technical competency in aircraft stress analysis required to analyze your own aircraft designs.
  •  Attain the equivalency of “many years”of actual engineering experience.
  •  Master the principles and fundamentals of stress analysis.
  •  Learn the basics without enduring the rigors of formal academic training.
  •  Increase your opportunities for advancement and job security.
  •  Demonstrate immediate on-the-job performance.
  •  Learn new techniques and simplified approaches to the analysis of new and existing aircraft designs.
  •  Stand toe-to-toe with professionals in this field.
  •  Arrive at practical design solutions for new and innovative designs. 


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